Lets Talk about Skin Prep!

Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Trying to achieve the “perfect tan” without proper skin prep is a losing battle and a total waste of your hard earned cash. Skin prep is the DETERMINING factor of how long you get out of your tan. All of my clients get one on one skin prep sent personally to then upon booking so you will have the perfect tan, every tan😊 The Why... 🍉Exfoliation removes dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, unclogs your pores, creates an even base and promotes even development . 🍉You cannot expect even development if you do not have a blank canvas. Which basically means absolutely no oils, lotions (wearing lotions prevents the tan from developing on your skin) , deoderants (creates a green colour underarm), make up or perfumes. . 🍉Remember Shaving is a natural exfoliation which if done AFTER tanning appointment will also remove layers of tan. Be sure shave between 8-12 hours before your tan appointment to ensure you have absolutely no irritation and again, an even tan. All my clients know I’m a perfectionist when it comes to spray tanning, so this is just as important for me to love your tan as it is for you. . Debs ☘️

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