Prep like a Pro with Tancouver!

Fail to Prep - Prepare for Tan FAIL ⁣


Make sure you are using an oil free, alcohol free moisturizer. Oils and alcohols really interrupt the tanning process before its begun by leaving an oily residue on the skin. This creates a barrier & will effect how your tan applies, absorbs and fades. Moisturizing 2-3 days before ensures your skin is in its best condition to absorb the tan - but rinse it off the morning of.⁣

Shaving ⁣

A natural exfoliator and will strip the tan if done after. Shave 8-24 hours before your appointment - this give your pH levels enough time rebalance, and your skin will be less irritated after shaving. ⁣


Use exfoliating mitts/damp wash cloth and some clear/translucent shower gel. Nothing fancy - they contain too many oils which again act like a barrier - AVOID! Do this as the last step in the shower - it will ensure no fall down from other products like shampoo etc is on the skin. ⁣

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