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Take Your Tan Game From Pasty To Tasty With Me!

At Tancouver, not only do we use a handheld spray gun, we use customizable, top tier tanning solutions which contain added skincare benefits. Wave goodbye to those dreaded spray tanning machines.

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Full Body Spray Tan

From $60

Complete with Prep, Aftercare and my very own All-Natural Spraytan Finishing powder



How long will my spray tan last?⁣⁣

There are a number of factors which determines how long a tan will last. The short answer is anywhere from 6-10 days, BUT skin preparation and aftercare is of utmost importance to extend the life of your tan. Please see my “Rules of Tan” highlight video and my “Skin Prep” highlight for more information over on my instagram.⁣ Other factors which may effect tan development is Hormonal balance, PH level of the skin, Ovulation, Menstruation, Pregnancy, Dehydration or lack of skin prep before coming in for your appointment.

How does a spray tan work?⁣⁣

The ingredient that tans your skin is DHA, a colourless sugar which causes a reaction with the proteins in the outermost layer of the skin which creates a tanned colour. The immediate colour when your tan is applied is called a guide colour which is added purely for cosmetic reasons to ensure the airbrush tan technician can evenly apply the product. DHA reacts with the skin over an 8 hour period. A handheld spray gun is used to spray a combination of air and tanning solution directly onto the skin, which dries almost immediately.⁣⁣

Will Swimming affect my spray tan?⁣⁣

YES! Bathing in chlorinated water (which is effectively a bleach) will fade your tan and can cause streaking. Salt water will do the same. If swimming try go for a short dip followed by rinsing off that bleach under the pool shower and patting your skin dry with a towel. Do not rub your skin in an abrasive manner, this will remove your tan.⁣⁣

Will i be orange?⁣⁣

NO! This is an uneducated misconception as a result of the old school tanning days where the products were far more inferior than they are today, with tanning agents and all the wrong ingredients. This is also a result of bad practice within the industry. Always remember: a good tan is never cheap and a cheap tan is never good. At Tancouver, all our tans are Plant based and cruelty free! What you put on your body is equally important as what you put in it.⁣ Always do your homework when selecting a Tanning Technician. Word of mouth and google reviews are a great place to start! I am a qualified cosmetologist 14 years who specializes in skin and all things tan.