Hi, Im Deborah!

Founder of Tancouver, originally from Dublin, Ireland. I qualified in all things beauty and body-related back in 2005 – now based in beautiful BC!

One thing that truly shocked me when I moved here was the number of people who still do UV Tanning beds. From having both my father and brother passed away from cancer far too young, my sister having breast cancer twice, and knowing that Melanoma is the most common form of skin cancer in people aged 25-29, I felt it was my duty to try to get people away from UV Tanning beds and cooking themselves in the sun! At what cost is beauty? Your life?

A Spray Tan is the ONLY safe tan.

When doing some research into the Vancouver Tanning market, it was shocking to see there are very few airbrush tanning technicians here, I have heard MANY horror stories about these “Tanning Booths” from my clients, which sprays the solution onto the client, the client has to know what way to stand and when. This places responsibility back on the client, not trained in Tanning in order to get a professional Tan! Not every sized person needs the same amount of tan, not every person will know what way to stand in order for the tan to get applied evenly to their body, and I’m yet to find ONE PERSON who has had a good experience from these “Tanning Booths”.

At Tancouver, not only do we airbrush tan using a handheld spraygun, we use Irish, top tier, luxury tanning solutions, which also have added skincare benefits. They are completely plant based, non-toxic, and cruelty free and we use brands that can be found in the likes of The MGM Las Vegas, The Ritz Carlton, Sephora Worldwide, not to mention having a huge celebrity following.

I am truly passionate about making every single person who comes through my door feel comfortable and confident, building up relationships with my clients is of utmost importance to me.

Tancouver doesn’t cut any corners when it comes to tanning, all of our clients are given full skin prep instructions at the time of booking, and aftercare when leaving the appointment. The service also includes my very own, all natural, finishing powder. The whole customer experience from start to finish is what we truly pride ourselves on.

Take your tan game from Pasty to Tasty with me, and I promise, you wont be disappointed!




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