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Meet Deborah

I'm Deborah. I'm a qualified esthetician for over 15 years. Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I'm now based in beautiful BC. 

After losing my father and brother to cancer, I am hugely passionate about promoting the use of sunless products to combat skin cancer, premature aging as well as promoting beauty, self care and confidence in all shapes and sizes. I am truly passionate about making every single person feel confident and beautiful in their own skin. A Spray Tan is a full-body self-care treatment, get ready for confidence you have never felt before and compliments for days!!! 

Tancouver uses only luxury tanning solutions with added skincare benefits. All of our products are organically derived for all of your skincare needs. 


More people develop skin cancer due to UV Tanning than lung cancer from smoking, this is a shocking statistic. 

Come get the best glow in town without any of the harmful effects of UV damage.

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