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Single tans

Classic Tan      $60

8 hour rinse time

*Sleep in this solution

Includes complimentary all-natural house made finishing glow powder 

Express     $65

2-6 Hour rinse time

*The longer the darker

Includes complimentary all-natural house made finishing glow powder

Clear Tan    $75

No rinse required

Includes complimentary all-natural house made finishing glow powder


Price List

All options include Top-tier, European-Imported ingredients with added skincare benefits.

The Custom Tan     $65

Each tan is completely customizable to suit each persons skin tone through custom mixing. Includes initial consult, disposables, barrier cream application, signature finishing powder for instant drying.

The Completely Clear $75

This water-based, fragrance free, completely clear solution has no added bronzers and will darken gradually throughout the day. Get back to work after your appointment without anyone knowing you just got a spraytan! 

*Tip: Add-on Hydration for longest results 

The Hydra Tan  $85

In addition to the custom, this treatment includes a full-body application of hydrating moisture mist. Infused with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera to maximize the life of your tan and promote skin hydration.

**Extremely popular service 

The Skin Lover $90

Boost your custom glow with added Collagen. Collagen helps reduce the appearance of fine lines & skin imperfections & helps restore skin elasticity. This treatment is also boosted with Vitamins & amino acids which helps to even skin tone, improve overall skin health and combat environmental stressors like air pollution and sun radiation.

The Spraytan & Contour  $100 

In addition to the custom, enjoy a full body contour application to highlight, shade and enhance your natural definition. 

**Extremely popular service 

The Trio - $125

The Custom, The Hydra & The Contour

Group Bookings Available

Extremely limited availability - email request


Heart-Shaped Stencil - $5

Collagen - $15

Anti Age - $15

Hydration Treatment for longest results - $20

Full body tan Contouring

The art of body contouring uses an airbrush pen to carefully shade and enhance different muscles, curves, and other parts of the body to give you the ultimate full-body glow-up and body confidence you have never felt before! 

Used by all the top A-list celebs, I am finally bringing this advanced technique to Vancouver. 

This treatment is the perfect add-on to any spray tan!

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