First timer? I got u!

Updated: May 11

So you have finally decided it's time to discover your dark side, let me take you through some of the things you may want to know.


Please read my FAQ blog post first as I won't be covering things I have covered in that post. I am not always available to answer messages so be sure to check my FAQ.


After your appointment, you will need to have a window of free time between 4-8 hours depending on what tan we use, and my recommendations for your tan to be ready. The initial colour you see after your appointment is known as a "guide colour"only and MUST be rinsed off in the shower to see your finished result. It is added to the tan because the active ingredient in tan (DHA) is transparent, so it allows your technician to see where the product has been applied. Your spray tanner will advise you according to your tan goals how many hours you need to wait before rinsing off the guide colour in the shower. It is important you listen to your spray tanner and rinse at the recommended time. If you do not, your tan may be too light or too dark. Please also be sure to bring an umbrella to your appointment, getting even one drop of rain on a tan before you have rinsed the top layer off will be enough to ruin it.


Once you leave the salon with your perfectly applied spraytan, it is now up to you to look after it until your initial rinse. Be aware that anything you do after your appointment may have consequences for the finished product of your tan. All of my clients get aftercare sent to them before leaving the salon so there is no miscommunication. It is best to go home and chill out while you wait for the tan to develop and not be out doing chores etc. Until your initial rinse, you won't be able to wear anything tight or restrictive, as it will absorb the tan instead of your skin absorbing it and it can cause lines. Sweat acts as a barrier to tan, and water will remove it before it has had time to develop. This is why it is recommended to go home, put your feet up and let it do its job.


We know as spray tanners, how it feels coming in for your first glow up. We were first timers once remember. Be aware that the right spray tanner will make you feel at ease. We are professionals, and for your first glow, I will never give you a very dark tan. My belief is that we can always add but we can never take away, I will always give a first time spray tanner a nice medium glow so you can see how much you love it and I can guarantee, after the constant compliments and how confident it makes you feel and how much your skin pops with your outfits, you will be dying to come back in!


Your skin is a living thing which sheds itself naturally, we lose 30,000 skin cells per minute (and over 70% of the dust in our homes is actually skin!). With proper prep and aftercare your tan should last 7-10 days, if you don't do the correct aftercare, or if you haven't done your prep right, it won't last as long. A spray tan is 50% skill of the technician but also 50% client prep and aftercare. You cannot expect to have an even tan if you haven't prepped your skin before coming in.


If you are starting your spraytan journey, every single person should be purchasing a Tancouver exfoliation mitt. As advised before, spraytan is applied only to the top layer of skin, the top layer of our skin is composed of dead and constantly shedding skin cells, exfoliating properly the day before you come in is essential in order to ensure the shedding dead skin cells are removed and your skin is an even canvas. My exfoliation mitt is designed specifically for sunless tanning. It removes dead skin, debris and oils from the surface of the skin, leaves the skin feeling smooth and creates an even canvas for your tan to be applied. It also removes old tan before your next appointment. They are available at Tancouver for $12.

I hope this answers some of your questions and explains a bit about why we recommend what we do for after your appointment. I look forward to meeting you at your first spraytan!

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